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Construction Site Managers

Introduction to Construction Technology is an instructional program that prepares individuals for employment or continued education in the occupations of Construction related industries. Construction Technology is a basic course teaching fundamental of safety, tools, construction math, understanding blueprints, and basic carpentry, electrical, masonry, and plumbing skills. Coursework introduces fundamental construction management concepts including the roles and responsibilities of project stakeholders, project delivery systems, contract types, estimating, scheduling, safety quality control, cost management, trade coordination and documentation of the work. Construction Technology is a theory-based program. In theory-based learning, students study a principle or idea on which the practice of an activity is based, and then they apply it through class exercises and activities. Certifications earned in this program: Autodesk AutoCAD Certified User OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety Certification.

Contact Student Services for Information. Ask about free transportation to school and home, lunches, and work uniforms. 


Technology of Construction
Total hours of completion: 318

Hour Breakdown: 200 hours of combined instructor- led and self led instruction 
                               118 hrs. of combined instructor- led
 and self led instruction for AutoCAD 
                                Note: Students may request tutoring outside of scheduled class instruction times

Certifications Earned in this Program
Autodesk AutoCAD Certified User
OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety Certification (OSHA Outreach Completion Card)

OSHA 300 Recordkeeping
Back Injury Prevention and Safe Lifting Techniques 
Heat Illness Prevention 
Asbestos Awareness 
OSHA Confined Space 
OSHA Hearing Protection 
OSHA Hazard Communication and GHS 
OSHA Respiratory Protection 
OSHA's Silica in Construction 
California OSHA Fall Protection 
Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Training for Employees
Construction math
Reading blueprints
Estimates and proposals
Construction project management
Basic architecture 
Introduction to electrical, plumbing, and masonry work (Theory-based learning)

Job Placement Assistance Services - Ex offender friendly program

Student services included in the program


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