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Business Administration

QuickBooks User Certification 

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This is your opportunity to finally take control of your future. If you don't think you can do it, we believe you can! We are here every step of the way to see you succeed. You are never alone in your journey to career success. Our student support services are catered to your individual needs and our partnerships ensure you are placed in front of the best in the industry. 

What you will learn

QuickBooks User Certification & Principles of Accounting

There has never been a more highly utilized accounting application in small business than QuickBooks. Proficient users of this program are a valuable resource to their employer. 

Contracts & Procurement | DocuSign | Adobe Acrobat Pro

The global business community has standardized the use of Zoom and DocuSign. These two applications are essential tools in today's rapidly changing society, and you will learn them at Sillers Institute. 

Concept in Marketing with Canva and Constant Contact

Marketing can take a business to that next level of brand recognition. Understanding your target demographic and the use of technical marketing software can create the  social media presence that help businesses grow. 

Microsoft Excel & Data Management

Google Workspace

Excel is the most diverse software compatible with nearly every software we use in business. It is an essential skill to have in today's management of data. 

Human Resource Management 

What is more important than the management of human resources? No organization can operate without them. Therefore, knowledge of this practice is vital. 

Business Law & Entity Formation

Even a fundamental understanding of business law can potentially save an entire organization from collapse. We will teach you best practices while performing your job.

Information Systems Security


Meeting Minutes

Office Etiquette 

Typing Speed Focus

Office Logistics

The protection of information systems against unauthorized access to or modification of information, whether in storage, processing or transit, and against the denial of service to authorized users, including those measures necessary to detect, document, and counter such threats.

Two Men Shaking Hands

Employment After Graduation

Business Administration is a vast industry with exponential growth and opportunity. Contact us to see how we can help you find the career of your dreams. 

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