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Network Security

CompTIA ITF+ Certification

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This security network program is designed to teach students the core concepts and applications of network security based on current industry uses. In the network security program, students perform hands-on functions utilizing examples that simulate actual network security operations. Students learn security controls, strategies for securing software, preventing viruses and other malicious code, identifying security flaws in networks, internet security, terminology, internal and external security protocols, and identifying levels of risk and risk mitigation.

What You Will Learn


Comprehend notational systems, illustrate the basics of computing and explain the value of data and troubleshooting


Manage applications software, understand the various components of an operating system and explain the purpose of methods of application architecture


Able to explain database concepts, structures, and purpose, as well as understands methods used to interface


Know how to set up and install common peripheral devices to a laptop/PC or secure a basic wireless network


Comprehend programming language categories, interpret logic, and understand the purpose of programming concepts


Understand confidentiality, integrity, and availability concerns of secure devices and best practice methods

Employment After Completion

 IT Support Specialist


IT Support Technician


Tier I / II HelpDesk Technician


Security Analyst I


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